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I am so thankful for the Davis family!!! They did such a great job!!! And took thee time and dedication needed to make my son and I comfortable!!! He's pretty handy with that camera too! He fell into his closet just to get the right shot lol!!! I recommend anyone to utilize their services!!!!
Marisha D.(non-registered)
Jennie and Michael are not only AWESOME photographers, but AWESOME people!!! Their cool and calm, yet educated demeanor makes them the most comfortable couple to work with. Thanks for taking a chance with me on my special shoot yesterday!!! As long as we live in this area, Davis Photography will continue to get my business!!!
Geoffrey Page(non-registered)
Thanks for being there at Dennis Pope’s Birthday Party. I hope you enjoyed the Photo Booth and I look forward to your photos. I recommend your services to future clients!
Davis Photography
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